The textiles and apparel industry in India has strengths across the entire value chain from fiber, yarn, fabric to apparel. The organized textile industry in India is characterized by the use of most advanced technological machinery for the mass production of textile products and includes spinning, weaving, processing, and apparel manufacturing and our association TMMA (I) plays a major role in making the dreams into reality.

The Textile Ministry Vision of positioning India as a Global Textiles manufacturing hub by developing a US$ 250 billion Textile Industry and attaining US$ 100 billion in Global Textile Exports by 2030 is a real challenge for the Textile Engineering Industry (TEI) and the GOI & Textile Ministry’s various efforts and schemes supports & guide the industry towards achieving the same.

We at TMMA (I) will assist in technological knowhow across sectors for manufacture of high-end machinery in India, to strengthen Industry ecosystem in becoming truly ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and establish indigenous capabilities for world-class Textile Machinery manufacturing and to fulfill the aspirations of entire value chain.

We thank all the members of TMMA for being a part of us and we assure every necessary support to the Textile Engineering Industry (TEI) in making it stronger and more vibrant.