The aims and objectives

To help and protect the trade, commerce and industries of India and in particular trade, commerce and industries connected with the Textile Machinery Manufacturing Industry.

To organise, establish and start centres for research in co-operation or in association with bodies with similar objectives and/or under the auspices of the Association for the benefit of the Textile Machinery Manufacturers.

To promote and advance commercial and technical education and such study of different branches of arts and science as may tend to develop, commerce and industry in India and in particular textile machinery and allied industries of the country.

To conduct research in pure and applied science and to lay down suitable specifications for the manufacture and maintenance of finished products, wherever necessary either directly or in consultation and co-operation with other Government or public bodies and to start laboratories and other Technical Research Institutes for the said purpose.

To encourage, assist and extend knowledge and information connected with trade, commerce and industries of India in general and textile machinery industry in particular by arrangement of lectures, discussions or correspondence, by holding conferences, by establishing libraries, by publication of newspapers, periodicals or journals, books, maps or any other kind of literature or by foundation and endowment of professorship or scholarship or by encouraging research work or otherwise..

To promote the standardization of textile machinery.